Interviews With Urbanouts #1 - Dim Dekorasyon

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Urban Creatives Blog proudly presents #InterviewsWithUrbanouts - #1 Dim Dekorasyon

We are proud to launch monthly interview series with the creatives, aka Urbanouts, as they are crucial part of our lovely multidisciplinary design community. Urbanouts are the source of creative urban ideas as they are fully open to create something unique while enjoying mutual collaboration. Every month, we handpick the creatives who are enrolled in Urban Creatives Network Database and take part in various projects with Urban Creatives. These interviews aim to promote their works and contributions to Urban Creatives community.

As an essential component of Urban Creatives Core Team, successful product designer Nihan Basaran from Dim Dekorasyon is our first Urbanout to discover. She is not only a talented designer but also true partner and the supporter of the journey Urban Creatives since the beginning. Let’s get to know her, her ideas and business better. Hope you enjoy the interview! 

1 // Who are you? What are you doing? How would you describe your business? 

First of all I would like thank you for your kind words. I am an industrial designer, graduate of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul. After working for a while in another company, I have started to work for my family business. We have iron based workshop, we do all kind of iron and metal based design and production such as iron steel structure and decoration, machine tools as well as furniture design. We recently kickstarted to offer various wooden designs and cuts that can be realized by CNC router. I am personally involved all stages of design from sketching to production. I am not only responsible for design process but also for business development and management paper work. 

2 // What are your recent projects? 

Recently, I am mostly busy with designing wooden toys and furnitures for children. First, I started sketching a rocking horse then I produced it. Later I created a business plan on the design and marketing process that include products like small chairs and tables for kindergartens and houses. 

Also I am working on drawing and production of an unique metal stair that is actually challenging me at the moment since I have never drawn a stair like that before. There is a lot to learn from it. 

You can also take a look at our previous projects on our website. Feel free to follow us on Instagram and give us a like on Facebook

3 // What does Urban Creatives mean to you? How would you describe the journey of Urban Creatives? 

Urban Creatives for me, is the possibility to break everyday monotony since it is not only a work group, but also is a good platform to relax and be with friendly people. I don’t see Urban Creatives as some kind of hobby or free time activity, on the contrary it is more serious than our everyday works since everything is quite well planned and disciplined from scratch. Also I consider Urban Creatives as a chance to expand my network, my designs and my mindset. I feel belonging to this community that allows me to discover that there is not only one direction to go in our professions. I definitely feel myself an Urbanout and so happy to be one. 

4 // What attracts you about Urban Creatives and working multidisciplinary?

I believe that Urban Creatives has deep roots and philosophy behind. As I mentioned previously, I love to experience this discovery of working and interacting together with people from different disciplines. Also my friend, Ahmet’s high energy, way of collaboration and including different people into projects make Urban Creatives more appealing to me. He always tries to provide limitless playground for designers which encourages creativity and free production. Thanks to multidisciplinary way of working, there is continuous skill and idea exchanges between everyone here. I simply love this whole concept. 

5 / In which projects you collaborate with Urban Creatives? 

We developed many ideas together and had many talks and brainstorming sessions but I must say our first design project within Urban Creatives is quite exciting! I don’t want to give more details, since it is a surprise and you will hear about it very soon. 

6 // What are your future plans and projects? 

Frankly speaking, I believe that being healthy and happy is the most important thing in the life. My first aim is to stay healthy and happy. Apart from that, I have a plan to grow my business here in Istanbul by always being aware of new changes and developments. I think that working and creating something meaningful make the one happy and healthy. 


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